Frequently Asked Questions about Moving a Building


Q.      How far can my building be moved ?


Your building can be moved anywhere as long as we can get a 'right of way' through power and telephone lines and that our path does not encounter bridges that may be too narrow.


Q.     What are the advantages for moving my building?

If moving your building from its current location results in a higher property value, then moving the structure will help you sell the land at a higher price. Every year, buildings of all kinds are moved for this reason. Also, new construction of highways, railroads, water reservoirs, or urban renewal forces this issue to be considered as well. In all cases, the idea is to rescue your home or building by relocating it to an area where its value is increased.


Q.    How will Cox House Moving perform the move?

  1. The first important step is to lift the building from its existing foundation. This allows our experts to properly prepare for the move.
  2. Secondly, Cox Moving Company carefully lifts the building without any damaging torque that could arise from inexperienced lifter. This obviously prepares the structure for its journey.
  3. Then, we strategically place our dollies, steel rollers, ball bearings and other devices that allow us to move your structure with success.


Q.    What about old buildings, can Cox House Moving really do the job?

Moving older buildings is what Cox Moving Company does best. You can rest assured that our experts would detect any structural damages that could unable us to do the move. You would be notified in the early stage.


Q.    Does it cost a lot of money to move a building?


To many, moving a building could be considered as a steep expense, but it really saves money. Consider selling your property and your building separately!

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